AE & ED Group - Patents

R. Tascone, M. Baralis, G. Virone, O.A. Peverini, A. Olivieri;

A waveguide correlation unit and a method for its manufacturing

EP1763102 14/3/2007, 2007

R. Tascone, A. Olivieri, O. A. Peverini, G. Virone

High integrable flat antenna for satellite video receiving

07002756.0-2220, 2007

R. Tascone, G. Virone, A. Olivieri, O.A. Peverini;

Method and Apparatus for Detecting Parameters of a Liquid Metal in a Container

EP1729101, 2006

R. Tascone, R. Orta, P. Savi

Filtro a microonde in guida d'onda rettangolare a cavitÓ bimodali

TO95A000033, 20/01/95, 1995